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Welcome to WESeoulYou! WESeoulYou is more than just a name - it's our mission! 'WE' stands for 'West-East', bringing you on a journey from the West to the East, all set to K-Pop and more! From Seoul to your soul, we're all about connecting each other through shared experiences, creating a bond that transcends borders and languages.

Why WESeoulYou? Because we believe in the power of K-pop to unite people from all over the world! Our parties are more than just events. They're a celebration of K-pop culture, a place where the West and East come together in a shared love for music.


Our goal is to host the most exciting parties all over Europe and bring the energy of K-pop straight to your local club. Ready to be part of the K-pop party of a lifetime? Let's light up the night together!

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Tel: +43 650 657 5042


IG: weseoulyou_

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